Thursday, August 28, 2008

yo gabba gabba

how great is it that this

and this

are on the same show? i like it when one show satisfies my kids' very different tastes at the same time.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best, eh?

This article kind of cracks me up. I can just imagine La Leche Loonies all over America losing their shit right now. We all know breast milk is a great option, but this is really interesting. Especially the part about how researchers are afraid to spread the word about health risks for fear of there being a decrease in breastfeeding rates. But with numbers like these, why would your concern be bad PR? Shouldn't it be the children?
In a study conducted by Dr. Gordon of vitamin D levels in 365 mostly
African-American and Latino infants and toddlers, 40 percent had low levels and
12 percent were deficient. Although there is a debate about what levels are
considered deficient, one toddler in the study was found to have rickets, 13
children showed evidence of bone loss and 3 had bone changes consistent with

Monday, August 25, 2008

Never Say Never

OK, so here's the thing. Noodle is a maniac. A gorgeous, kind, lovable, sweet, angelic maniac. The kid has a thing for danger and excitement that has Tony and I a little afraid for the future. He is so going to be the kid that accepts any dare without much thought. Thankfully, the kid was blessed with copious amounts of intelligence, coordination and strength, so he will probably be fine. But in the meantime, we find ourselves duking it out with him daily (OK, several times daily) over the hand-holding while walking in public thing. He simply will not do it. And he hates the stroller, which we use as the "OK, fine--don't hold my hand. Back in the stroller you go, buddy" alternative. He's going to be two in a couple of months, so I don't blame him for hating the stroller. He's been strapped in and pushed around for 22 months. A boys gotta get out and move about, ya know?

But here's the problem. I spend all day every day with the kid and I am sick of this fight and I think that the stroller is a lame option for a kid who has so much energy. So I am considering putting his butt on a leash for some outings. Not all, but some. So we can go for walks and let him join us without the fear of having him zip off and end up mashed inside some SUV's wheel well. Which is so hard to say, since I used to be SO against kids on leashes. But, I beg you, walk a mile in my shoes and you will see that this may just be right for him.

Tony is SO AGAINST the idea. (This is such an understatement. He is downright adamant about the NO.) He has quite honestly forbidden me to tether the boy. And I see his point. It is kind of lame. But, I think the idea warrants consideration. The way I see it, we need to examine what the best option is for this particular kid.

So I Googled "leashed children" and I dialed up some (surprise, surprise!!) Internet craziness. Whole websites and blogs devoted to the debate, and some just devoted to showing photos of leashed kids in point & laugh fashion. And after browsing several message boards, I stumbled along this one thread that was just so idiotic that I could no longer hold my tongue. Or fingers. Whatever. Every pro argument was articulate and specific. And every against argument was written by...well, by people like Kim here.

Says Kim: "Why the hell can’t people just hold their kids hands? Don’t demeanor your children they are not dogs. I work at a daycare and it is not that hard to hold you kids hand…plus children benefit so mutch from human contact."

To which, I had to pen:

"Hey, Kim....pardon me, but I find it difficult to value your well-stated opinion. Sorry to "demeanor" you, but I don't think "mutch" of people who have a hard time expressing themselves in writing at or above a third grade level. And, Sweet Jesus, you are teaching children. Oh, I'm sorry. Correction: You teaching children. Poor things.

Harnesses are perfectly acceptable for preventing catastrophic accidents that so easily happen to rambunctious toddlers. Who cares what others think of what you are doing to protect your own child? Each intelligent and involved parent knows exactly what methods will or will not prove effective in the raising of his or her own children.

I have two boys, a four year-old and an almost two year-old. The baby is minutes away from being one of the many harnessed children in America. He is naturally willful and strong and curious--qualities I both admire and appreciate. Having him stay put in the stroller on outings benefits only my older son, who has freedom of movement. The baby has no fun this way and gets no exercise and is generally unhappy with being left out of the action. Take him out of the stroller, though, and he thinks he should be allowed to roam freely and refuses to hold hands with an adult. He would rather throw a screaming tantrum for miles than to hold your hand for one city block.

I think a harness would solve this dilemma by giving him the illusion of freedom, while satisfying my need to know that the threat of him darting into traffic is gone. And yes, it is like leashing a dog. I do that too---to keep my dogs safe, not to demean them. Judge me all you want. Hell, I'll be laughing at the fact that my lunatic kid is so willful that he had to tied to me with a cord. But I will know he is safe, so who cares what you think."

And I don't really care what you think, but I sort of would like to know anyway. So if you do have an opinion, share it here. Especially if you know Noodle personally.

Friday, August 22, 2008

photo of the week

it was slim pickins this week. i haven't been shooting much. oh well. here it is..........

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

keep dreaming

now i am not usually one to whine about not having the ability (read: funds and/or freedom) to do this or that, because i am honestly satisfied with my life. BUT. would be totally freaking awesome to grab tony and whisk him away to this for the weekend. my bloody valentine! dinosaur jr! and it goes on and on.
and then there's this one coming up in december, curated by the melvins. sigh. just think of all the good-little-wifey points i could bank with tickets to that one.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

cisco, by jt yost

our friend jt yost is an amazing illustrator. he makes pet portraits tailored to your pet's personality. this is just one of his many talents....he is also a musician, artist, and all around good guy. a while back he contacted me and asked it he could use this image of angus as the basis for a portrait of a chihuahua who is a bit of a momma's boy, and this is what he came up with. brilliant.

Friday, August 08, 2008

my wordle

you can make your own, too. thanks for the link, jessica!

Thursday, August 07, 2008

photo of the week

damn, we look good!

this is seriously disturbing. i am so happy i never actually wore my hair this way. thanks to sharyn at mass distraction for this super fun link.

Friday, August 01, 2008

just in case

today i am patting myself on the back for being a good little girl scout and planning ahead and preparing our family for an impending crisis. storing canned goods & fresh water in the basement, holly? nope. scanning images into the old laptop. just in case the boys decide to love some of my favorite thrifted children's books to death, i thought it best to get proactive and scan in some of my favorite images. not all of the books, just the rare vintage ones that will be difficult or impossible to replace. you know, so i don't have a breakdown on the inevitable day that they both decide they need to read the same book, alone, at the same time. we all know how those situations usally end---something's broken or someone's hurt, or both. at least now, i won't be adding to the drama with tears over the demise of The Tent. it is safely duplicated and resting, albeit in binary code, far away from tiny little page-ripping hands.

how it all began, originally uploaded by Hollis Queen.