Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer is now.

Welcome back, school-free days, bare feet, mosquito bites, tank tops, flip flops, pit-stains, grass stains, cooking out, summer reading, Popsicles, chasing down the ice cream man, seeking shade, marco polo, high dives, cut-offs, sunscreen, farmer tans, beach hair, freckled noses, dandelion wishes, kick the can, sleeping late, lightning bugs, ant hills, oscillating fans, playgrounds, sipping water straight from the hose, hot cars, freeze-tag, frosty beers, reruns, fresh cut grass, afternoon naps, family vacation, roller coasters, sandy toes, skipping stones, picking flowers, growing food, fresh local honey, farmers markets, holding hands, picnic blankets, butterfly kisses, and laying on your back in the grass and watching the clouds roll by.

Welcome back, summer. I miss you when you're gone. Let the good summer times roll.

Friday, May 15, 2009

the bigtime

seeing your friends succeed at what they love doing rules.

the show was fantastic and it was good to see everyone again. they're away more than they're home right now. i loved seeing the expressions on the faces of the kids in the crowd. their enthusiasm, excitement and love of the music was so pure. i hope the guys in LOG notice that and use it to fuel themselves in those inevitable moments when touring gets to be a drag. it'd be a shame to make it to the top only to find yourself miserable. not that i think that'll happen to LOG. i'm pretty sure they realize that they're kinda living the dream.

Monday, May 11, 2009

library day

our book bag was overfilled with goodies after a trip to the library today. i love the library. FREE books, videos, music, and more. all they ask is that you return them when you are finished. deal! as a habitual abuser of both hoarding and purging, the system of controlled borrowing is so well suited to my needs. and it is FREE to use. need i say more? when i see you people at barnes & noble buying a huge stack of books you'll read once i can't help but think there may be something a bit wrong in your head. but kudos for helping keep america's economy up and at 'em. sorta.

so, in the bag were: for tony, the brand new palahniuk, pygmy, for me, the paper version of a favorite blog, and for the boys a timely little read entitled Just Like Bossy Bear. it is a huge hit with its hilarious illustrations, simple text, and its "don't-be-such-a-bad-influence-Little Mister Bossy Pants" message. i am a big fan of horvath's Ugly Dolls, so this book had me excited even before i picked it up, and then it didn't disappoint. hooray!

the rest of bag was weighed down with various knitting books, pro-potty propaganda intended for the brainwashing of the noodle, and a few books on tape-style things for the kiddos to enjoy in the car and a couple of Bach & Tchaikovsky CDs for angy, our little book & music appreciator.

i love the library.

think before you drink

thanks to gonzomama for posting this.

Thursday, May 07, 2009

home again

i am looking forward to year after year of going to sleep and waking up beside this man. although, i am totally fine with him getting up first to man the kiddos while i sleep for a few extra minutes.