Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Summer is now.

Welcome back, school-free days, bare feet, mosquito bites, tank tops, flip flops, pit-stains, grass stains, cooking out, summer reading, Popsicles, chasing down the ice cream man, seeking shade, marco polo, high dives, cut-offs, sunscreen, farmer tans, beach hair, freckled noses, dandelion wishes, kick the can, sleeping late, lightning bugs, ant hills, oscillating fans, playgrounds, sipping water straight from the hose, hot cars, freeze-tag, frosty beers, reruns, fresh cut grass, afternoon naps, family vacation, roller coasters, sandy toes, skipping stones, picking flowers, growing food, fresh local honey, farmers markets, holding hands, picnic blankets, butterfly kisses, and laying on your back in the grass and watching the clouds roll by.

Welcome back, summer. I miss you when you're gone. Let the good summer times roll.


melissa k w said...

hey thanks for the offer of fussy baby help! i think we will probably take you up on it at some point. maybe you guys want to stop by some time this week?
love your latest pix.

t said...

I second that!...Cheers to happy summer days.

sarah said...

i love this post - it epitomizes the perfection of summer.

Mrs. Brown said...

so many people i know talk trash about my boyfriend, summer. i'm so glad to hear "amens" from more summer lovers.