Thursday, June 26, 2008

Why I Love the FAIL Blog

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Photo of the Week

Inspired by the my internet friend Jessica at gonzomama knits, I am going to add a new feature to the old blog. Each week I will post what I think is my favorite shot of the week. I think I will make this a Thursday feature, as I have something else planned for Fridays. Stay tuned for that. So without further ado.....

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Aren't these swell?

Adorably Disturbing Cuddlies Follow the link to see all of the other creations, and to see the dolls' posteriors on display, which I think is the very best slumpy and mopey and cute. They're so up Noodle's alley. I must remember this for his birthday.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Funny Ha Ha

Some things cracked me up bigtime today, and they are just too good to not share so here ya go. Plus I haven't posted in ages so I figured what the hell.

Well, this here photo is one of the funny things. Tony, I love you. Funny boys really are the keepers. Look at this man---straight up pimpin' through the wilderness with our double-wide stroller, ya'll. Holla!

Also, while driving through the city, Tony and I spotted an older woman (she looked ancient, but that just may be from hard living), dressed eerily similar to that hot mess Britney Spears in all those trash mag pre-psych ward shots. She was wearing a super short skirt, halter top, platform heels, big hair, fake tan...the works. She gave me the heebies and as we rolled past I pointed (such nice manners and such a kind heart, I know) and said, "Ick...cougar." Tony's reply slayed me: "Somebody call Animal Control!" I think it may become our new code for Prowlers.

And then a bit later on we took the kids to the river for a stroll around the Pony Pastures* and I made Tony & the kids escort me to the parking lot restrooms because they looked sketchy. "Walk me there," I demanded. "The restrooms look kinda rapey." Sometimes I make myself belly laugh and it usually is highly inappropriate. Plus, making up new words is almost always funny. To me, at least.

*Back in 1996, my old roomate Jenny and I went there to swim and saw some creep "watching" us and "entertaining himself" from the bushes, so I am well aware of the reality of danger in this specific location. That particular fellow didn't get away without a nice pelting courtesy of river rocks thrown by yours truly. My arm is golden...he was punished.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

giggles galore

I think they might like each other or something.

Monday, June 02, 2008