Sunday, June 24, 2007

Reading and Rhyming

Books are big here, and have always been a huge part of my family's life. I am so grateful that my parents passed their love of reading on to me, so I can do the same with my kids. So far, so good. Angus, Noah, and I spend a good chunk of our day snuggled in a heap reading books out loud. Angus' new favorite book is Here Comes Mother Goose. At naptime and at bedtime and times in between, we huddle together to rattle off the sing-song rhymes with big smiles on our faces. I love the illustrations, which are done by Rosemary Wells of Max and Ruby fame, and who also wrote Yoko, one of my favorite children's books. Though I am starting to get sick of reading the same book day in and day out, I must admit that I am a fan of having to locate only one specific book instead of several must-haves as a part of our before bedtime ritual. At least for the time being, we are not scouring the bookshelf, toy bins, and bedcovers to find the ten plus Angus Approved Reading Selections of the Day. One book does it all. And Grandma reading it makes it even better.

Busy Body

Mr. Wonderful kept very busy this weekend. When he wasn't focused on mastering crawling, he occupied his time with putting his mouth on things and charming everyone he came into contact with. World, get ready for Deuce.