Saturday, October 30, 2010

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

parenting FAIL

yesterday, as The Unicorn and i were visiting with some neighbor friends, a man on a Segway came gliding down our street, which has never happened before. we see them all the time cruising around downtown near the Canal Walk, but just never before while standing in front of our own home. so naturally i thought, "gee, i bet The Unicorn will think this is cool!" and called attention to it. no way, jose. instead, at the exact moment that the Segway was positioned precisely in front of us and just as the gentleman controlling the contraption waved at my tiny, beaming, beautiful boy-child, The Unicorn yells this: NERD ALERT!!!!
(okay, mom. you were right. there, i said it. i should never have encouraged my children to partake in my all-time favorite past time, drive-by-scene-assessment, even though nothing is cuter than a tiny toddler voice calling out strangers for ridiculosity in short, one or two word statements. )

Monday, October 04, 2010

he grabs life by the balls, people.

it blows my mind that it took so long for this kind of unbridled joie de vivre
to send us to the orthopedic specialist.

the dude, thrill riding, a month past his 2nd birthday
and with broken bits at nearly 4.