Monday, June 02, 2008

Hey, Bo Diddley

thank you & goodbye


Katie said...

We lost two cool artists this week! ;( Yves St. Laurent (so weird, so cool) and Mr. Bo Diddley. I was reading in the Post this morning he was worried during his last days that his legacy would be forgotten. Working in a library with freshman who've never heard The Beatles (no lie) helps me understand his concern.

Katie said...

Dear Mrs. Brown,

Please excuse Katie's crappy punctuation in her first remark.

Miss Landon

gonzomama said...

Amen, sister. I can't stop playing that!

Katie - that is frightening. We've been playing or singing The Beatles tunes since the wee one was in utero.

Danielle said...

I saw Bo Diddley play in Park City a few years ago. He was really tired and only played a couple of songs; the crowd was really upset, but c'mon, he's old, he was wearing a wrist guard, give him a break!

Mrs. Brown said...

don't celebrity deaths usually happen in threes? dear god, please take courtney next.
i'm just sayin'.... you kind of owe us.

Mrs. Brown said...

katie, i think you need to get to work on one of your legendary mixes and school the whippersnappers about good music.

danielle, absolutely give the old man a break. it is silly to expect too much from such an old & ailing man. expecting a heyday preformance is like asking your grandpa to box and then being shocked when you knock his lights out within twenty seconds.