Monday, May 11, 2009

library day

our book bag was overfilled with goodies after a trip to the library today. i love the library. FREE books, videos, music, and more. all they ask is that you return them when you are finished. deal! as a habitual abuser of both hoarding and purging, the system of controlled borrowing is so well suited to my needs. and it is FREE to use. need i say more? when i see you people at barnes & noble buying a huge stack of books you'll read once i can't help but think there may be something a bit wrong in your head. but kudos for helping keep america's economy up and at 'em. sorta.

so, in the bag were: for tony, the brand new palahniuk, pygmy, for me, the paper version of a favorite blog, and for the boys a timely little read entitled Just Like Bossy Bear. it is a huge hit with its hilarious illustrations, simple text, and its "don't-be-such-a-bad-influence-Little Mister Bossy Pants" message. i am a big fan of horvath's Ugly Dolls, so this book had me excited even before i picked it up, and then it didn't disappoint. hooray!

the rest of bag was weighed down with various knitting books, pro-potty propaganda intended for the brainwashing of the noodle, and a few books on tape-style things for the kiddos to enjoy in the car and a couple of Bach & Tchaikovsky CDs for angy, our little book & music appreciator.

i love the library.

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