Friday, August 01, 2008

just in case

today i am patting myself on the back for being a good little girl scout and planning ahead and preparing our family for an impending crisis. storing canned goods & fresh water in the basement, holly? nope. scanning images into the old laptop. just in case the boys decide to love some of my favorite thrifted children's books to death, i thought it best to get proactive and scan in some of my favorite images. not all of the books, just the rare vintage ones that will be difficult or impossible to replace. you know, so i don't have a breakdown on the inevitable day that they both decide they need to read the same book, alone, at the same time. we all know how those situations usally end---something's broken or someone's hurt, or both. at least now, i won't be adding to the drama with tears over the demise of The Tent. it is safely duplicated and resting, albeit in binary code, far away from tiny little page-ripping hands.

how it all began, originally uploaded by Hollis Queen.

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