Wednesday, August 20, 2008

keep dreaming

now i am not usually one to whine about not having the ability (read: funds and/or freedom) to do this or that, because i am honestly satisfied with my life. BUT. would be totally freaking awesome to grab tony and whisk him away to this for the weekend. my bloody valentine! dinosaur jr! and it goes on and on.
and then there's this one coming up in december, curated by the melvins. sigh. just think of all the good-little-wifey points i could bank with tickets to that one.


Granny Stance said...

If it makes you feel any better, the truth is, you might not actually choose ATP, even if you lived in NY and had no kids.

You wanna know why? I'll tell you anyway: it's 'cuz all the cool kids are staying in the city and going to the Motorhead show that weekend. And if you and Tony were here, we'd peer pressure you to go with us.

Mrs. Brown said...

motorhead would be great, too. see...this here is the problem: richmond gets so little of the good stuff that i can't help but think the grass is greener every now and then.
and tony and i will be there soon and please do pressure us to do all sorts of things while we are.

Danielle said...

oh - that would be fun! and the flyer reminds me of working the spin art booth at the local fair - there was this one kid that insisted he have is face as close to the paper as possible and when he looked up he had paint all over his face - good times.