Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Best, eh?

This article kind of cracks me up. I can just imagine La Leche Loonies all over America losing their shit right now. We all know breast milk is a great option, but this is really interesting. Especially the part about how researchers are afraid to spread the word about health risks for fear of there being a decrease in breastfeeding rates. But with numbers like these, why would your concern be bad PR? Shouldn't it be the children?
In a study conducted by Dr. Gordon of vitamin D levels in 365 mostly
African-American and Latino infants and toddlers, 40 percent had low levels and
12 percent were deficient. Although there is a debate about what levels are
considered deficient, one toddler in the study was found to have rickets, 13
children showed evidence of bone loss and 3 had bone changes consistent with

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