Tuesday, March 16, 2010


the other night, while sipping on beers with some of richmond's finest ladies on a scenic side-porch which happens to have the most excellent view of a historic cemetery and soaking in all the beauty of this spring's first thunderstorm, i was asked to describe the distinct personality differences between my two children. without a pause i explained: Noah is a Dude. Angus is a Unicorn.
so fitting was this description that the blog has been renamed in its honor.
behold, the Dude and the Unicorn.


The Monkey and Me said...


Agent M. said...

I hear the pages of a children's book turning...The Dude and the Unicorn by Holly Brown

The Holy Yost said...

Does Angus know he's been labeled "The Unicorn"? I have a feeling he might resent that later in life. Lulu will certainly resent that I call her "The shitting and farting clown".

I hope Noah is The Dude from that Quincy Jones album. I've always loved that dude.

cynthia said...

your pictures are stunning.