Friday, March 19, 2010

call him Batman

all day yesterday The Dude wore a red cape and spoke only in a deep and sinister sounding voice, proclaiming nearly every two minutes that he was Blue Batman (not to be confused with the more popular Batman in a black suit, The Dude is partial to the vintage Adam West era Batman costume.) the novelty charmed strangers and passersby while annoying those of us spending significant lengths of time with Blue Batman. you see, strangers knew to address The Dude as Batman. "hi-five, Batman!" "why, hello, Batman!" "well, i feel safer knowing that Batman is here!" "quick, to your batcave!" while i, on the other hand, kept slipping up and calling him by his real name or nickname and thereby earning red-faced scoldings and demands to CALL ME BATMAN, MOMMY! sigh. it was exhausting.
then this morning i happened upon these totally Dudely and adorable etsy finds from kilsook. 100% The Dude. sidenote: etsy is trying to make me die of the need need want wants. all of kilsook's items are cute cute cute, and paired with their descriptions they equal great. here's the image description for batman and just some other kids who have yet to embrace the awesomeness of the great caped crusader....

what's your name?

little boy trying to be patient:

little girl in a dress:
i'm sally.
and this is edmund, and frank, and henry, and that's lucy.

batman looks over and nods slightly.

little girl in a dress:
what's your last name?

silence. and then a very heavy sigh .

it's just batman.

little girl in a dress:

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