Saturday, August 29, 2009

happy saturday!

my friends at orangehouse posted this earlier today. i laughed so hard and long at these coiffed poodles that i knew it was too good not to pass along. enjoy!

also, i just now filled up noodle's snack bowl with snapea crisps and snagged a few from the top of his tiny bowl and popped them in my mouth. then it went like this:
Noodle: Noooooooooooo! My green beans! Don't eat them!
Me: Oh, calm down.
Noodle: (makes that sound of disgust & frustration----a long low growl, you know the one.... reserved for use by kids and designed as the ultimate wordless weapon against parents. come on, kid! you're two years old! couldn't this wait a few years?)
Me: (attempting to prompt good manners, despite his ugly display of early-onset teenagerdom) What do you say?----squeaked out in the most annoying mommy-voice i can muster.
Me: (conjuring up something i perfected during my own childhood, makes that very same sound of disgust & frustration.)


Grandma Jim said...

I do not know which was funnier. The dogs or the story! But either way they were both entertaining as hell.

donna said...

Someone has way too much time on their hands! Why would you do that to your poor dog?

Amy Carmichael Smith said...

you crack me up. i love you