Wednesday, August 26, 2009

chilly chill

the first day of school is lurking less than two weeks away. *sigh* i am a summer lover, so i am sort of dreading the big change looming. i've so enjoyed having angus here with us all day this summer. but soon he will go back to spending most of his waking hours with people other than his family and noodle and i will go back to being a two-man team on school days. that is, until he's finished with potty training and trots off to nursery school part-time without even looking back to wave goodbye. *again, sigh.*

anyhow, i got off track. this was supposed to be a post about sharing info on a great deal i found on some back to school necessities at kroger. i've had my eye on these awesome BPA-free 2-cup food chilling containers from Fit & Fresh all summer, but kept waiting for them to go on sale and they finally did. i am kind of fanatical about trying to avoid BPAs. it used to be hard to find plastics without them. but now, thanks to studies like the recent out of Harvard, BPA-free plstics are getting easier to locate in mainstream grocery stores.

so... yay, me. instead of $9.99 for a six-pack i scored them last night for $6. i think i may even snag up one or two of their bento box sets before the sale ends.


gonzomama said...

two weeks until school? wow!
most kids here are wrapping up their 4th week of school. i am of the mindset that august is still summer. especially here. (of course, so is september in my mind).

you could stall the potty training ; )

donna said...

These are just too pun intended! I want a set!