Tuesday, July 14, 2009

High Five

Happy Birthday, Angus. Thank you for your smile and laughter, for your sweetness and your kind heart, for the unique way you see the world, for your silliness, and for loving me. You are the apple of my eye, kid. Five years ago today the world became a better place.


gonzomama said...

happy birthday big man!

(and if that shirt is referring to michael - i love you all the more!)

Mrs. Brown said...

I passed along your birthday wishes and he said, "happy birthday to you, too!" having a birthday so close to your mom's is very confusing i guess. ;)

yep, that is the shirt i made for him to wear to michael vick's arraignment here in richmond for the dogfighting/cruelty/money laundering charges. i found out over the course of that week that angus had been seen on local news, national news, and made his Monday Night Football debut at the tender age of three. :) we were flooded with emails of "holy shit! is saw angus on tv" for about a week. one of my proudest moments!

Amy Carmichael Smith said...

teary. great pics

KL said...

those eyes. seriously.