Thursday, June 25, 2009

P.U. b gone

i have two geriatric dogs and an extraordinarily overactive sense of smell. you can imagine how much time i waste trying to reconcile these unfortunate constants in my life. even the cleanest house still carries that distinct smell associated with the cold hard fact that our dogs are sadly and steadily marching toward life beyond the rainbow bridge. i already bathe each doggie bi-weekly due to angus' allergies, and that doesn't seem to help much. but now i found an ally in my ongoing war against pet funk. and its a green cleaning product. you may not care about this, but i almost did back flips* today when i used the stuff and it actually worked. it was as simple as this: sprinkle the unscented granules, let it sit (preferably overnight) and then vacuum it up. no lilies of the valley or cherries jubilee scent left behind to mask the smell...just an absence of odor. brilliant! i pass along this bit o' knowledge----it is my gift to you.

*but then i remembered that i can't do one.


KL said...

Thank you.

Que the twilight zone music. I currently have a paste of baking soda and white vinegar sitting on a particularly Old Man Doggy patch of rug. Application #2...doesn't really work.

sarah said...

oh man. thank you thank you thank you. i am going to try this asap.

Danielle said...

solo farts so terribly sometimes i have to leave the apartment. for hours. however, it's usually only after we've shared a burrito