Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Southern Fried Birthday

being a man of refined taste and hearty appetite, my man chose Lee's Fried Chicken as the spot for his birthday dinner this year. so we hauled our four-piece on over so the mister could chow down on his own four-piece. noodle took to the grub like a true southern gentleman, naturally, and had a mean case of chicken teeth to prove it. i could hardly look at him without gagging. there are some things i can't hang with, even with the super-powers motherhood has granted me. cleaning up vomit is a breeze, but seeing half chewed food in an open mouth or stuck to the contents thereof...i draw the line there. sorry to make you see it, but that's how i do it. i will not suffer alone.


The Holy Yost said...

Watch it, Brown. This is enough to make me not come back!

Mrs. Brown said...

i know! chicken teeth....makes it all so much more gruesome. all apologies!

WP said...

ummm, Lee's is some might fine chicken, bring it!