Wednesday, March 11, 2009

r e a d

March is National Reading Month, so go on and visit your local library and grab some new and interesting books to read. I love the library and have made sure my kids do, too. They know it is a privilege to go and borrow books and get excited about the fact that libraries have books on every topic under the sun, and all available to you for FREE. So go get one...and no, magazines don't count. And here's a little fact about me: when i hear people say they haven't read a book in years, I kind of want to punch them in the face.

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The Holy Yost said...

I have a branch of the NY public library literally across the street. I used to have a real problem with buying books (as in an addiction) until I learned that you can order any book in the entire system and have it sent to YOUR BRANCH (yes, i'm an idiot).

Right now I'm reading a great biography on Tesla (the inventor/scientist, not the metal band) and it's got me running around the city trying to find his various laboratories & living quarters.