Sunday, February 15, 2009

because angus said so

Me: what kind of cake should we make for grandpa's birthday, angus?
Angus: plex from yo gabba gabba.
Me: you're damn right!

happy birthday, daddy/ pawpaw. we love you immeasurably.


Orangehouse said...

Pawpaw is a lucky man. Not only does he get a great cake inspired from yo gabba gabba and made with love by you-but he has managed to avoid the generational pull of Barney and Friends all together- the reign of terror is over.

Mrs. Brown said...

yeah, angus marches to the beat of his own drummer for sure. so far he's only really had one mainstream interest (that Cars movie) and the rest of his obsessions have been kind of random and cool. teletubbies, yo gabba gabba, dumbo, the aristocats, the muppet show. i am fully aware that we've had it pretty good as far as his tastes are concerned.

right now, the kids are watching dumbo (again). they talked me into a mornning movie (i'm a sucker on angus' days off of school) and i am so glad i let them. i FINALLY figured out where angus got the new phrase he's been exclaiming to everyone: "you're a climax!" thank god it is from dumbo and he hasn't been calling us orgasms. that little mouse pal of dumbo says it to dumbo whe he gets the idea for dumbo's big dangerous finale. phew. relief.

ahhh, i've been paged. must go dance to "pink elephants on parade" with my monkeys. :)

t said...

are the ears donuts?...too cool..I want Angus to pick a theme for my next birthday cake!...and for you to bake it and TB to decorate it....a girl can dream...

Danielle Stone said...

That rocks. Yesterday I had Tiramisu for my birthday.