Tuesday, January 06, 2009

more old blog rollover goodies

from my old blog
entry from Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Things That Made Me Laugh Hard Lately:

1. While getting the kids into the car for a trip to the zoo on Monday, Angus insisted on carrying a Sesame Street coloring book that is titled "Giant Activity Pad." This cracked Tony up. I asked what he was laughing at and he told me. I was kinda baffled and said, "Uh...yeah? So?" He said it made him think of a giant "activity" maxi pad, like to be worn while working out and with a sports bra. For the Giant Active Girl. With a Giant Flow. He just may be onto something for the Heavyset Set.

2. When Tony lays on the ground to stretch his achy body after a long day of manual labor, Angus thinks it is hillarious to walk up and stomp on his chest. Always a riot.

3. Noah will crack the fuck up if you knock on the kitchen table with your hands, like the way you do to fool a dog into thinking there's someone at the door, which is pretty decent fun in and of itself. The sound or the sight of it, we're not sure which, is just too much for him to take and he can hardly breathe for all the laughter. Babies laughing = perpetually funny.

4. Tony and I walk past a hippie with white-boy dreads on Saturday night and Tony says, "That guy makes delicious samiches." So random and out of left field that I had to make him explain himself. Apparently Chioccca's subs = tasty and made by bonafide Trustifarians.

5. After Angus farts he hollers out "Butt is silly!" Indeed.

6. Nipsey's new nickname became Doublestuff after she barfed on my sofa and I'd had it up to here with fatty and her eating without chewing bullshit. It is mean and insensitive to verbally abuse a dog with weight issues, I know. But that shit was stinky and it took three days of labor intensive cleaning in order to eradicate the stench. So she kinda deserved it. (Thanks again for the baking soda tip, Dave Choi. Who knew you would be so helpfully filled with tips on odor removal?)

7. Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Kimmel and the cast of The Office. Thanks for the chuckles. I'd like to order more, please.


Kate aka k8tron said...

You crack me up. Thanks for sharing.

gonzomama said...

i was trying to read the "butt is silly" out loud to matt and i couldn't. laughing way too hard. i made him come read them all.
i can so relate to that last one too. ewww.