Friday, December 12, 2008

six random things

i was tagged by jessica to post six random things about myself. i did one of these last year, so i am finding it difficult to think of six other things. i am basically an open book. but i think these are things that most people don't know about me. unless your name is mary jo, tony, or morgan.

1. when i was little i used to bite my toenails.
2. when tailgated in traffic, i will deliberately drive slower just to piss you off.
3. i have many vivid and verifiable memories from before the age of two years old. most of them involve me being a pain in the ass to my poor dear mother somehow. and most are funny in some way.
4. when i was 8 and 9, i took dance and baton twirling lessons that i hated and would make myself get severely painful psychosomatic headaches to avoid having to go. it never worked and my mom still made me go until she was convinced enough that i really really hated it. now that i am a mom, i can see why. you don't want your kid to be a quitter, but you also don't want them miserable. she had to wait and see which it really was.
5. when i was 10 i helped put a flasher in jail. he was dumb enough to flash me while wearing his military uniform with his name and rank right there across his chest. people that stupid should be locked away. and people who prey on kids don't deserve to live. harsh? nope.
6. i was voted "wittiest girl" (actually, friend julie wight and i tied) in my senior class and had an incredibly unflattering photo recognizing that achievement in our yearbook.

so there it is. no deep dark secrets, but random nonetheless.
so here are the folks i am tagging: tracey, katie, danielle, and j.t.
play along if you like. although i know it is the holiday season, so no biggie if you don't.


gonzomama said...

i do the same thing to tail gaters. and i enjoy it!

tracey said...

OK I did it....

that was fun!