Sunday, December 14, 2008

hey boy

i love the blow. i heard paper television once and it became one of my all time favorite albums. i still listen to it regulary, two years after first buying it. highly recommended. go out and get it now. here is khaela maricich performing "hey boy" in london. i am sharing this clip mostly because she tells the most katie-fied katie-like that it could be the one and only katie landon right there on stage. also, the song is cool. but really, the banter is what's great.


Agent M. said...

She's awesome.

You're awesome to compare me to her. That was a hysterical rant - I can only hope I'm that funny! :) & I love that song.

Mrs. Brown said...

you are that funny and then some.
the similarities are remarkable, really. and i love you both!