Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Wouldn't It Be Nice?

Let's pretend I have a suitcase full of extra cash to blow on extravagant purchases. Its a little game I like to play---sort of an updated version of one I used to daydream about as a child, when I'd imagine all the goodies I'd snag if someone would pretty please just lock me in the mall overnight. Yeah, nothing philanthropic or deep here. This is head-in-the-sand, economy? what economy?, pure selfish escapism.

Let's start here. Oh my god, how I want to live in this.

Oh, what things I would do with you.

We'd look good together.
Especially if we had this with us, too. A bag big enough to hold all my things PLUS my camera in my favorite color, and in the prefect shade of red orange. Sigh.

Alright. Enough of this game. I am sick of this wanting. It was nice to daydream, though.


gonzomama said...

that dress would look killer on you.
actually the whole ensemble is great. and then you could take a full length sp.

i do the same daydreaming too, and funny, there's always some kind of camera equipment in there too.
(along with a whole new wardrobe, esp. right now).

Mrs. Brown said...

if i had that dress i honestly might try to sleep in it and everything. did you see the belnd of materials used in the fabric? yum yum. it is stupid how much i am coveting it. and the camera stuff...why is it all so freaking enticing????

i gave away all of me pre-pregnancy clothes after i had angus, thinking i would never fit into anything again. and then again after i had noah. now i am kicking myself. i has been interesting to start from scratch again.

Danielle said...

oooh. that dress is amazing; i love rick owens. i love the color of that bag too - it's almost peach almost orange. wait! it's persimmon.

i keep forgetting to ask annie the details of her coat! i'll get on that right now.

Danielle said...

the coat is from target. it's $40! She says it runs a little big. I found it on their website, but annie says it comes in black, grey, and green. she said she bought it recently, so go to target.

Mrs. Brown said...

thanks so much for finding out about that coat, danielle! i am heading there today!

rick owens is fantastic. and i generally hate seeing fur in a collection, but did you see those wraps/jacket closures he used in the fall collection? they flowed like nothing i have see before. i am a sucker for soft fabrics, so is clothes are my ieal wardrobe.

and that bag IS persimmon. if i could drop $900 on a bag, that would so be my everyday carry-all. if i had my way, each room in our house would be anchored with that hue. but that would be overdoing it. so it is just in the boys' room.