Friday, October 03, 2008

Dear October,

October is here. October is not good to us. We have spent 3 of the last 4 Octobers cooped up in hospitals. In 2005, Angus nearly died. Fall allergies and asthma are a bad mix. Especially when you don't know your child has either. The next year, Angus got pneumonia and I was busy having Noah cut from my body. There went October '06. Then last October, Noah had his first hospital stay. Yup, another fall allergy + asthma sufferer. And the kids got Hand, Foot & Mouth disease. (Thanks a lot, icky preschool germs.) There went October 2007 down the drain, too.

So this year, October....I'm begging you to please lay off the Browns. I'm not saying go bother another family---just that maybe you've picked on us enough for right now. What do you say? I"d really like to be able to enjoy your blue skies and cool temperatures, your hayrides and pumpkin patches, your crisp evenings and frosty mornings, trick or treating and cookie baking. What do you say , October? Can we be friends?


gonzomama said...

you have had some very rough (and scary) octobers.
i definitely second that you deserve a break.

crossing my fingers and toes that you all are hospital free (for a long, long, long, time). kick the curse!

hollysjoy said...

How's that working out for you? Hoping (the rest of) your Oct. stays safe!

The Holy Yost said...

Well, October's come & gone. Judging from your continued postings, I'd say y'all made it without anything too terrible happening. Plus, Honeycrisp apples are now in season (the best apples ever).