Wednesday, September 10, 2008

I Love You, Matt Damon

Think about it, friends.


gonzomama said...

yes. yes. yes!
she's been a topic of discussion around here a lot lately. i'm pretty terrified myself.
and completely perplexed about these news stories about hilary supporters switching to over the mccain/palin side.
you don't vote for a woman just b/c she's a woman people!

Mrs. Brown said...

amen, sister.
i linked that article you sent me. thanks so much for sending it. have you seen this one?

Danielle Stone said...

He is my hero :) I will have to post a pick of Isabella in her Obama shirt.

Mrs. Brown said...

please do!

i thought i loved matt damon before this. now i don't know what to call the way i feel about him. i just reallllly dig him.

Mrs. Brown said...

i mean....seriously. look how visibly irritated and angry he is about the whole fiasco.

i looooove him.