Tuesday, September 09, 2008


A while back, Sharon Lee from Sydney, Australia contacted me through Flickr and asked if she could use images of Angus' bedroom on her design blog called ASTROPUNKS. She asked me to elaborate about the room, the dresser, and the art and whatnot. I sent her photos and a little rundown and today she contacted me to tell me that the blog entry was up. Pretty cool. I love the room so much, so it feels great to have it recognized like this. Plus, there's an international shout-out to Chris Milk on there, too.

Here is the link to the entry at ASTROPUNKS.


gonzomama said...

that's awesome. their room is kick-ass and i am bit envious of your thriftiness.

Mrs. Brown said...

if only i didn't NEED to be so thrifty. :)

Katie said...

I totally loved on you with the link you provided.

My comment:

"Holly has has always been a stylish person. I've known her fourteen-ish years, and she has always maintained a one step ahead edge. I'm so pleased to see her skills in a new format. Lovely!"

What about that sister? It's totally true. Go Holly! Go Holly!

And thrift is all the rage. You could resell these pieces at astronomical prices. If you were loaded, ten bucks says you'd still thrift. It's in your blood. You have skills.