Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Millenium Falcon of the Two Year Old Set

Angus started speech therapy today and to break the ice between the therapist and the Angus, the Holy Grail of Toys was brought forth from the secret stash sent by Grandma Mary. Needless to say, the ice broke swifty, and the therapist succeeded in getting Angus to open up. Angus is crazy about his toy, just like we knew he would be. Thank God, too, since it was Ebayed all the way from the UK since our kid is prone to being gaga over hard-to-find or out of production toys. It would have really sucked if he was all shruggy shouldered and whatever about it. No chance.

Anyways, the child gushed on and on about all things Teletubby for the whole hour and a half the therapist was here, so she was able to do her thing and get a good assessment of what is going on. She gave us a bunch of great ideas for helping get Angus to where he needs to be with his speech and articulation and will be back again next week for round two. After she'd gone, he continued playing with the thing for 2 more hours in the same spot, completely enthralled by the Teletubby house. Later on, he tried to bring it to the dinner table. And into the bathtub. And into bed. This thing is serious business. He is heavy duty INTO it.

And with good comes good. Tonight, Angus looked out the window of the playroom and pointed to the sky and said, "Nighttime." And he said it prefectly. Nice new toy, nice new word. I ache with love for this kid.

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