Sunday, May 20, 2007

Hands Off......My Banana

Anyone who knows us well, knows that we have a kid who can't stand food. Hates to look at it, to smell it, refuses it eat it, or taste it. He'd literally rather go hungry than eat anything other than a very few members of that food group called Tan and Bland. Oh, and it gets better! He also won't put it in his own mouth. So you have to force each bite in, begging him to do just one more and lacing what he will eat with supplements and vitamins so he won't whither and die.

You may be thinking of suggesting something to help us. Before you go off and say something along the lines of, "Oh, have you tried...." Yes. Yes, we have. Everything. A team of trained professionals is stumped. The kid has issues with food and a stubborn streak from here to the Left Coast and back. Bad combo. Yeah, he's a beautiful and fantastic little dude, but it is not all cute and silly around here. It gets ugly sometimes. Usually around dinnertimes.

But this week, Angus reached a major milestone. Actually, he hit a few of them. First, he picked up a banana and ate it. Here's the proof in this here picture. Then, he tried broccoli. Then, the next day he not only ate another banana all by himself, but also asked me for "More trees"---what we call broccoli.

Can a sister get a Hallelujah? Amen!

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Anonymous said...

Amen my southern Sista! You are right. George just must be his brother from another mother! Love this blog! Eileen from myspace