Friday, December 15, 2006


We tried to find a Christmas tree tonight and had no luck. Every other year of my life, there have been Christmas tree stands set up in just about every parking lot on earth. Not this year. Probably because this is the first year we've been in the market for one. So, after a fruitless half-hearted search, we went downtown to see the Christmas lights. Angus ran around, mesmerized like he had never seen such beauty before. And that little sucker is fast, let me tell you. Not in a, "wow, my kid is hard to keep up with" kind of way. I mean FAST. Zippy. Presidential Fitness Award fast. Look away for a second and he's gone fast. It was rad to see him truckin' around all filled with the Christmas spirit, or too short of a nap spirit, or whatever it was. I was with him on the giddyness. It was really pretty. Coincidentally, that is what Angy says whenever he sees Christmas trees & lights. Its really cute. There really is something kind of magical about such a large area covered in twinkling lights and filled with happy little children running around giggling themselves silly.

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