Sunday, April 11, 2010

eli doesn't sparkle

the mister and i may have been the last couple in america to see this movie. but on the off chance that we aren't, and you haven't seen it, i highly recommend this beautiful vampire love story to you.

now available as a "watch it now" selection on netflix.


agent mermaid said...

I watched this a few weeks ago.It's fantastic... such a haunting and sweet film. I was sort of hesitant because I thought it might be scary or disturbing; I'm so glad I ditched those thoughts. Let the Right One In quietly blew me away. Hooray for Watch It Now! :)

Purl Scout said...

same with me! it was on our queue for a while, but i thought it was going to be a horror movie so i was hesitant to view it. i'm so glad i did. phenomenal.