Saturday, April 03, 2010

as you wish

last night while i went out with friends, tony introduced the kids to *the princess bride. the dude, in all of his three-year-oldness, loved it. my sweet, tenderhearted unicorn, on the other hand, became unhinged emotionally during a few scenes. tonight, i overheard this conversation during their bath.

the dude: why didn't you like the princess* movie?
the unicorn: because it had a lot of hurting.
the dude: oh. you didn't like a lot of hurting?
the unicorn: no. it makes me sad.
the dude: but it's only a story. a book the grandpa is reading.
the unicorn: well, i don't like stuffs that make me sad.
the dude: (with much excitement) but it has sea monsters and sword fights!
the unicorn: i know. but also lots of hurting.


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agent mermaid said...

christophile took the aw! right out of my mouth. What a sensitive little sweetie.