Monday, February 01, 2010

How Purl Scout Earned Her NYC Merit Badge

Cozied into our handknits, and fully prepared for what was the honest to goodness coldest weekend of the year so far in NYC, K1-D2 made good on their promise to locate excellent fibers, cheap scrumptious eats, and promote our manifesto of peace, love, and inebriation with our knitting.

On day one, The Knitorious M.E.G., Slip Yum Yum, & Purl Scout (yours truly) got down to business with a trip to Purl in Soho for Cascade Magnum yarncakes (color #9464, holla!), heavenly buck-fifty pizza biancas @ Grandaisy Bakery, bargain finds @ Pearl River Mart, a nature hike into Central Park, a spiritual cleansing @ St. Thomas Cathedral, & a FREE VIP taste of Tim Burton's genius @ the MoMA. And that was all done before nightfall!

As for activities post-nightfall...well, I will defer to others with a more coherent understanding of our whereabouts & goings-on, as the Purl Scout was busily representing RVA knitters with her heroic drinking abilities.

On our last day in NYC, after grabbing a $2 egg on a roll and eating it on the stoop of a magnificent Brownstone, I stumbled upon the cutest little yarn shop just blocks away from our home base in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn. La Casita carries a delicious selection, has fair prices, a roaring fireplace the owner encourages you to knit beside, as well as having the nicest staff ever.

I scored some yummy Spud & Chloe Outer in a dreamy hue of orange heather and then strolled back through our hood one last time before loading into the Mini for our voyage home.

What's that old saying? Oh, yeah...I remember: I Love NY.

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The Holy Yost said...

Wait, you know I basically live in Carroll Gardens (well, technically Brooklyn Heights, but it's a mere three blocks away), right? Damn, girl, holler at a man!