Friday, September 25, 2009


at least three times a day, i feel or hear myself sounding just like my own mother. sometimes it's in the tone i've used to be just the right amount of firm with my kids. other times i recognize her in my soft and encouraging statements of praise, or in the way i feel holding hands with the boys as we cross the street. but unlike that old cliche, i haven't ever been overtaken with disgust when i notice her in me. i am always just really proud of myself because i know i am doing something right.

thank you, mom, for being who you are. and for knowing how to bring out the best in the me that i am. i'd never know what i was doing without the influence of your guidance from the past, your support in the present, and the irrational faith that you'll always be here for me in the future. i am truly grateful for being blessed with you for my mother.

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