Wednesday, April 15, 2009

tiny miracle cure

all hail medical science. thanks to the insertion of ear tubes, noodle went from being continuously plagued by ear infections to not having even one since they went in on december 26, 2007. if any other moms out there are on the fence about getting the ear tube surgery for their own child who is prone to repeated or prolonged ear infections---- just do it. the relief was instantaneous for him and the surgery lasts like 5 minutes. i was told that each tube was so small that when they finally worked their way out of his ears i wouldn't even notice them. but i didn't expect them to be this tiny. it is remarkable that something so tiny and primitive (seiously, a tube getting poked through your eardrum? and left in there to fall out on its own as it is outgrown? how basic is that?) could be such an easy solution to a terrible problem.

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