Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Flannery O' Connor, originally uploaded by Lavatican.

my wait is over! the copy of Flannery: A Life of Flannery O'Connor that i had been waiting and waiting and waiting to get my hands on for what seemed like forever finally arrived at the library and it is mine for the next two weeks! she's been my favorite writer since about 7th grade. i think only chuck taylors, shit talking, and flannery o'connor managed to outlast my many fleeting tastes of adolescence and still remain favoites of mine to this day.

if only i had already mastered the knitting-while-reading skill i have been working toward mastering. maybe that's where books on tape come in. is that why they are popular? hmmmm....

****also...i am so in love with the portrait of flannery from the cover that i found the artist, Lauren Pope, on Etsy and contacted her about purchasing a print. they are available here. my print of Wiseblood: A Portrait of Flannery O'Connor is en route. yippee!

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Lauren said...

I love books on tape and podcasts. They are both great for knitting and painting.

Thanks for posting about the painting!