Sunday, March 01, 2009

raspberry hat

after giving up on the crappy free pattern for the braided hood on lion brand yarn's website, i found a way to modify it using my limited skills. and i actually like my hat better this way, to tell the truth. after i knitted the hood i made thin rectangular sections, sewed them to the base of the hat with yarn and then added fringe to the ends of that. it is really warm and long enough now to cover the back of my neck...that danger zone for chill. i finished this yesterday and was kind of bummed that i wouldn't much wear out of it this year, since virginia gets warm starting around the end of march. but we have snow. real snow that is sticking to the ground and the roads and everything. bring it on, mother nature. snow us in. we have milk, toilet paper, bread, and warm knitted goodness.

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