Saturday, February 21, 2009

high five!!!

five years ago today, the mister and i walked out of what is most likely the tackiest of all vegas wedding chapels united in holy matrimony & coated in what could only be described as legally wedded bliss. as we exited, the "reverend" (a man who appeared to be disguised and was possibly a participant in the US government's witness protection program) congratulated us on what i thought was a well-concealed growing angus-shaped fetus nesting inside my body. the experience couldn't have felt more 100% vegas. unless, of course, i had been able to join in the free-drink fun all of our guests enjoyed.

thanks for making an honest woman out of me, mr. brown. i love being your wife. and i mean it this time.

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gonzomama said...

hey! happy anniversary!!! (i love this picture, btw)
i tried to get matt to marry me in vegas. he thought i was kidding i think. i wasn't.