Tuesday, December 16, 2008

stretching a dime

i am a bargain hunter. i comparison shop, thrift, use coupons...all that. and i can tell you that sometimes, paying full price to get the taste you deserve is the way to go. so i was skeptical when i saw the kroger store brand version of nutella. nutella, sweet sweet nutella...the preferred treat of my childhood. but honestly, kroger hits the nail on the head with their other generics, i must say. they have an organic chocolate soymilk that tastes better than silk. lactose free milk that tastes just like lactaid. really, they do a great job of not sacrificing taste for value. so i did it. i bought the fake nutella. and oh. my. god. it tastes JUST LIKE real nutella. for a dollar less. merry christmas to me. it really sucks that angus is allergic to nuts. he'd love this stuff.


Danielle said...

go kroger!

The Holy Yost said...

I've never had real Nutella, so I made a vegan version a few months ago. It was a total pain in the ass to make, but I have to admit that it was damn good.