Sunday, December 07, 2008

oh well, maybe next year

For the past few years, we have attempted a Christmastime family portrait using the elevator doors at the James Center. So far we have managed to capture each of our kids wrigling free from the parental grip. Ahh, traditions. Here's this years series. Maybe next year we'll get one with all parties involved cooperating.


seemownay said...

This is a great tradition. Maybe even the wiggling needs to be ... it's a tradition after all! :-)

Mrs. Brown said...

maybe once the kids start cooperating, we'll pose it so that me & tony are the ones trying to get away! :)

gonzomama said...

oh yes! do that.
actually i think the second picture is pretty cute.

i tagged you for a meme if you are up for it. don't worry if you're not!

Mrs. Brown said...

we are so going to do that. i will drag them there as teens for it every year, too.

i love those silly memes. more, please!