Saturday, July 19, 2008

a splash from the past

i got a scanner from my folks for my birthday, so i will be busily scanning in some old gold until the newness wears off or my eyes give out, which ever comes first. if you and i used to hang in the pre-digital days of the nineties and early '00s, check out the flickr site and get ready for some blast from the pastiness. this shot was taken out in louisa county during the summer of '97, the year that tony and i started dating. he and dave choi somehow managed to convince me to cliff dive into a smelly quarry from about 3 stories up. let's just say my entry was less than ideal. tony and dave, though....they dropped in like champions. and then we were each promptly maulled by horseflies and tore ass outta there. good good good summer times.


gonzomama said...

Love all those ripples!

gonzomama said...

I was just going through your flickr photos. I just had to let you know I love your film shots.
And your taxation shirt is kick ass. Now I want one.