Friday, May 16, 2008

semi-successful experiment

I just finished my photos for the May Nectar & Light Photo Trade and I am satisfied with what I produced, but wish there was more time to really achieve what I wanted with this assignment. I feel like I was just getting warm....almost there, but time has run out and the deadline to mail the photos is the 18th. The theme for the month is Losing Focus: Finding Beauty in the Blur. I wasn't able to get what I wanted using just depth of field or focus, so I ended up shooting through the lenses of dollar store nerd glasses, in the style of TTV ("Through the Viewfinder" photography is as taking a picture of something through the viewfinder of any camera with another camera.) I am now on the hunt for an old Brownie camera to use for TTV shots. I found one at a thrift store for a buck recently, but put it back because the whole back of it was missing. Grrrrrrr. Just look at the kind of images shooting TTV this makes? Beautiful. are the final images I am settling on for May. Near to what I had hoped for, but not quite there.


Tracey St.Peter said...

Very cool, can't wait to see more!

bettyninja said...

I love your experiment with the nerd glasses and ttvf. I recently became addicted to ttvf too.