Wednesday, May 07, 2008

I Have Internet Cooties

It's true, but first I must share some serious awesomeness with you all. Well, mostly just with fellow wavy or curly haired folks. Friends, countrymen, I have found salvation. My formula is the Anti-Poof. This stuff is crazy good and delivers what it promises for under $5 a bottle.

Ahhh, yes---one more thing before I get back to talking cooties. Netflix up The Orphanage right away and enjoy.

OK, so I caught the Internet cooties from my friend Tracey, but it's cool. She entertains me daily with her amazing artwork (her work is fascinating...go take a peek), so I don't mind a bit. (one day I will own one of her paintings....) The rules are simple: 1. pick up the nearest book 2. turn to page 123. 3. find the fifth sentence. 4. post the next three sentences 5. tag five people and acknowledge who tagged you. If you want to play along, please do. Morgan? Erika? Becky? Nancy? Sherrie? I am curious to see what you are reading.

So here it is. An excerpt from Beautiful Children, by Charles Bock. This dude never met a comma he didn't want to plop between phrases and just keep on keeping on, a veritable minefield of run-on sentences, this book. Here goes-----

The Beatles and "Revolution" for Nike got things started, although that was
more of a ghost story than fact, it happened so long ago that most of the people
in the truck hadn't been alive back then, nobody had even seen the actual
commercial. But everyone knew about it, just like they knew "Satisfaction" by
the Rolling Stones for Microsoft. And the Who got tagged for that "best I ever
had" song, which had been used by Lexus automobiles.


Tracey St.Peter said...

thanks!...for not being as pissy as I was when I got tagged. For the kind words. For being so damn funny and for the hair tip! See you at the BBQ!

gonzomama said...

i want your chair! i have been looking for those kind for ages.

Mrs. Brown said...

me, too! i really lucked into them. my friend marie was downsizing (bigtime) before leaving the south and moving to brooklyn. i love them, too.

Granny Stance said...

I totally read this at work one day and the book I was reading was at home. Now I'm at home, but I have finished the book and, well, I can't rightly pretend to still be reading it, can I?

I'm confused. Maybe I should lay off the codeine.