Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Baby Turns One

I started this blog a year ago in anticipation of the birth of our little man Noah. I figured it would be interesting to chronicle our family's shifting dynamic and the craziness that was about to unfold. A way to chart his growth and development while charting ours as a family, too. I just went back and reread all of my previous entries. So much has happened in the past year. It simply sped by. Everyone tells you the years will pass quickly when you have kids, but I never fully understood how quickly until this week.

My baby is a year old. He can run, feed himself, climb just about anything, and calls me momma. He claps his hands, dances to music, is a very forceful mouth-kisser, loves to wrestle with his brother, and is a born biter. Noah is determined and clever and so smart that you all had better watch out. He is a force to be reckoned with and he is our big kid now.

Another thing that occurred to me this week as I was sorting through Angy's old clothes that I had saved for the sibling we might one day create for him. Angus was a year and a half old when Tony and I made up our minds that it was time to add another little person to the family. Three weeks later, I was pregnant. As I grabbed tiny overalls and sweatshirts and teeny weenie socks out of the bags of Angy's old things and began to wash them for Noah to wear it really hit me. Childhood is so short, and i had better work even harder on making their memories of this time the very best they can be.

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