Friday, September 14, 2007

bits and pieces

Sometimes, it isn't what is in the picture that makes me love the shot. It is what's IN the picture. Sometimes it is the closest thing to capturing the real things that fade. Not the images, but the feelings. The smells. That which can never truly be revisited. Like how sunlight has a way of making Angus' hair appear to glow, to become reflective and iridescent. The camera can't seem to ever do it justice. But this shot almost did. Well, at least it captured (for me) the feeling I had while I was awestruck by it's beauty while we took a walk one sunny day. And, Angus has this abilty to be so still and focused. The picture of him with his beloved blanket on his head is just so Angus it brings tears to my eyes. The perfect capture of his silliness, his deep need to be comforted, and his stillness interlaced in one moment. And Noah. Oh, Noah. Holding you in my arms means the inevitablity of a mouth kiss initiated by you. I've never known of a baby who loves to kiss the way you do. That's why I love this photo so much. You are going for it. And the shot of Noah with the drum is the perfect capture of our baby's relentless committment to total and complete determination until domination. They are not the best photographs I have ever taken of the boys, but they capture some of the most precious memories I will ever have.

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