Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Baby Kong

Feeding Noah has become logistically complicated. In the past 24 hours, Deuce decided that he simply must be the holder of the spoon. This is great news to us. Spoon feeding two kids takes up a lot of time. One kid with feeding difficulties is enough, thank you. So, we are fostering Noah's desire to master self-feeding, even though calling it messy it a serious understatement.

Overall, Noah is doing a fantastic job of getting finger foods into his mouth. But until he can actually spoon food into his own mouth he will require a bit of assistance. To remedy this, we give him a decoy spoon to practice with. Then he divides his dinnertime into alternating intervals of (a) swatting at the mommy or daddy-held spoon and roaring, like a miniature King Kong batting away fighter planes, (b) slamming his spoon-clenched fist into the container of food, and (c) smearing the food drenched fist, spoon handle end, onto his increasingly messy face, and (d) sometimes getting some of the meal into the mouth.

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