Thursday, July 26, 2007

We are nearing the end of Angus's first week of school, and already the change in him has been amazing. He loves art projects again, hallelujah! It had been quite some time since he wanted to create artwork, but now he is back into painting and drawing constantly. He parks it at his little table and pulls out his art tackle box and gets right to it. Oh, and also...he let me apply his very first temporary tattoo yesterday. We had tried this several times in the past, but they always made him freak out and act like they were burning his skin.
Angus pretty much wants to do everything all by himself, and is much more accepting of guidance and instruction than ever before. He watches intently as you demonstrate how the task is done, takes mental notes, and then practices the new skill until he can do it without assistance. "No, Momma. Angy do it!" has become his new favorite phrase, which is fine by me, since it is replacing, "No, Momma do it!" He pushed Noah in the stroller all the way from the library to the car yesterday afternoon with only minimal help with the steering. You could see the pride radiating from his smile as he did it. He felt so big kid you could see it!
Yesterday, he had zero potty accidents and this morning he went potty twice before heading off to school...and he left without tears today. Every single day I am more amazed by just how awesome this kid is.

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